ZOOO - 3D visualisation

Case studies

3D animation

Briefing and data collection
Definition of objectives and verification of information provided
ZOOO-Briefing and data collection

During this first stage we will firstly gather the documents necessary for the realization of the animation and check that they are complete:

  • Plans, sections, faces
  • 3d model éventual
  • List of materials
  • Reference Images

And on the other hand we will define with you the objectives to be met by this animation. They can be commercial, educational, highlight the ergonomics of an object or its integration in a specific context.

This is the ideal time to discuss the desired representation style or to share examples that speak to you

Setting up of the 3D model
Project modelling, first approach of textures and light
ZOOO-Setting up of the 3D model

During this second stage we model your project on the basis of information provided.

Then we will implement the lighting of the scene and apply the materials to the model.

This step will allow you to validate that:

  • the modelling corresponds to your project
  • the materials are applied to the right objects

This is the perfect time to make some adjustments to your project both in terms of volumetry and materials.

Camera movements, objects and/or characters animations

The third stage, which can take place simultaneously with the second one consists in setting up the various camera movements and objects and / or characters animations. The whole being presented to you as a pre-assembly made in "preview" rendering (see cons)

This step allows you to validate:

  • The timing of the animation
  • The camera movements
  • The objects and/or characters animations
  • The assembly of the various sequences

Post production
Colorimeter editing and applying effects
ZOOO-Post production

In this step we are going to make colorimetric retouching and apply a variety of effects on a set of key images of the animation to arrive at images that match the final result of the animation.

This step allows you to validate:

  • the atmosphere and the overall look of images
  • final colors and textures

Sequences calculation
Validation of the preceding stages and image computation
ZOOO-Sequences calculation

Now we must ensure that all previous steps are fully validated before starting the calculation of the animated sequences.

The calculation of images is rather time consuming and represents a significant part of the animation budget. All change requests to the model, the light and/or the materials made after or during the calculation of sequences will require a full or partial recalculation and thus an increase of the time and cost of the production.

Depending on the time we have to produce the animation, the images will be calculated on our inhouse renderfarm or on an external one.

Project finalization
Post-production, editing and exportation
ZOOO-Project finalization

In this last step, we will bring together the various calculated sequences, proceed to the post-production and the final assembly.

It is during this stage that we will integrate music and sound effects, an ¨off ¨voice can also be added.

Finally we will export the video in the appropriate format for its utilization (website, tablet or large format projection)

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